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Securing your property and assets are vitally important to you. Let us help you eliminate your fears and give you the peace of mind so you can focus on the other things.

At Monarch Security Management we believe our employees represent our company so we only place security guards at your premises who have the relevant experience and have shown us they are capable of performing their duties at the highest standard.

No Term Limit

Monarch Security Management does not have fixed term contracts and can be canceled at anytime, we only ask for 30 days notification.

This is so as we believe the service we provide will secure a long term partnership with our clients who will be eager to keep working with us.

Competitive Pricing

Monarch Security Management typically charges less than 40% of the cost of other firms. Despite charging less than our competitors, we pay our security staff more than the industry average in order to ensure we keep the best guards and quality of service.

On Statutory holidays should your facility need our sevices, we will take on the tab for “time and half”. You pay the same rate as any other day. All additional services will still be provided.

Helpful Support

In these tough economic times, we believe not only people need to save and cut cost, but corporations and other business entities should be able to get the luxury of saving but get the best quality there is.

Monarch Security Management knows the importance of creating a strong relationship so we look forward to creating a strong bond with our clients rather than looking forward to a check.


We are always looking for individuals who are customer service oriented who are able to adopt new techniques and knowledge in order to provide better and more efficient services. Join our dynamic team in a range of position:

Security Guard, Accounts Manager, Sales Representative or Training Officer

Under no circumstance I'll place a security guard that I don't believe in at a clients establishment. That guard represent me and what I stand for.

André D. Curtis

  • CEO,
  • Monarch Security Management Inc

Protecting YOUR interest is in OUR best interest

Work with a company that sees you as a partner, a company that strives to give you the best services at the most affordable rate.

Get Secured!